Monday, October 31, 2011

Bird's Talk is a playful interpretation of a traditional wooden nest box

Bird's Talk (by Vasily KasSab)

The project was driven by a desire to combine multiple functions.

The shape of the nest was inspired from a horn loudspeaker, which gives the ability to extend the low frequency limit creating greater acoustic output. As a result, we can increase the sound of the birds.
The nest designed in such a way that carrying it and mounting it becomes a matter of seconds. The nest is totally foldable and has specially dedicated handle for carrying it. as mounting concerned it can be either hanged from the refined rings located on its body or mounted on a wooden pole.
The nest can be closed from one side creating a warm and safe shelter for its inhabitants, the opening is studied in such a way that being inside the small birds and fully protected from bigger predators which can't enter through the hole.
The fully transformable shape and the removable side covers allow for easy transportation, furthermore it allows to clean the nest in a matter of minutes avoiding the discomfort associated with closed nests where you can not reach the dirty interior.

Made out of recycled polypropylene, long lasting, colorful and stylish, easy to clean and mount, blends function and fun into a unique experience for the user and the bird.

DIFFEREND PARTS OF THE NEST ( 2 side covers + stand + the nest + bird's branch)


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