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Probably White is a fusion of artisanal ceramics with contemporary Arabic calligraphy

Probably White was founded as a result of collaboration between two talented people: designer, entrepreneur & Arabic calligraphy specialist Vasily KasSab and a porcelain master and artist Reia-performance.

Probably White is a fusion of artisanal ceramics with contemporary approach. The developed line Siramiki represents the merge of hand crafted ceramics with graceful Arabic calligraphy. Every item is a pure performance and a result of long originative process. The collection includes 4 pieces of unique porcelain coffee cups, each of which is accompanied with a golden Arabic letter (one letter of the word coffee in Arabic)

Siramiki Classic,  collection by Probably White

The Golden age is back! Siramiki is an artistic interplay of moods and forms, which gives birth to a new experience of an old habit.

Probably White Artists unit the excellence of arts and crafts with design methodology.The vision and expression of the designer is combined with the intrinsic talent of the ceramic specialists, inherent in expertise which requires years of practice to give soul to materials thanks to their meticulous hand workmanship.With time the intimate beauty of crafted objects is revealed. 

Siramiki artist, by Probably White, is a limited art collection interpreted  by the artist Reia

Credits: Branding & web design

Bird's Talk is a playful interpretation of a traditional wooden nest box .

The project was driven by a desire to combine multiple functions.
The shape of the nest was inspired from a horn loudspeaker, which gives the ability to extend the low frequency limit creating greater acoustic output. As a result, we can increase the sound of the birds.
The nest designed in such a way that carrying it and mounting it becomes a matter of seconds. The nest is totally foldable and has specially dedicated handle for carrying it. as mounting concerned it can be either hanged from the refined rings located on its body or mounted on a wooden pole.
The nest can be closed from one side creating a warm and safe shelter for its inhabitants, the opening is studied in such a way that being inside the small birds and fully protected from bigger predators which can't enter through the hole.
The fully transformable shape and the removable side covers allow for easy transportation, furthermore it allows to clean the nest in a matter of minutes avoiding the discomfort associated with closed nests where you can not reach the dirty interior.
Made out of recycled polypropylene, long lasting, colorful and stylish, easy to clean and mount, blends function and fun into a unique experience for the user and the bird.

HOT&COLD Cameleon Heating Systems / ELLE finalist

This innovative project and the concep of thermo-sensitive system were developed by me on the basis of biomimicry and its influence on industrial design and systems of living, the project became the finalist in competition ( Objects for Interiors), It got published in the magazine ELLE decoration may 2011.

Bionics was the base for this project. Identifying a problem and then working to combine different systems of innovation and advancement in technology to be embodied to serve personal and corporate goals, as a result we got an innovative and stylish system which can be adapted to the corporate style of a company, or adapting the colors to suit the design of your house. 

The color of  the spheres changes into blue when the heater is cold or off, and gets colored with red when switched on, thanks to the thermo sensitive pigments which are mixed into the rubber spheres in a technological process. 

The system can use either steel or wood and can be customized to have bigger or smaller spheres as well different color combination can be assigned for the (off and on) modes.

In addition, a special application and device can be added to control the heating through hand-held devices.

All the technical information, suppliers of raw materials and technical specifications are available upon request, (for investors).