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The Living Labyrinth, by: THE BODY SHOP

The concept:

The Living Labyrinth is an event organized by the body shop to reinstate its position as the pioneer of ethical beauty. The concept of the labyrinth evolves around a construction of a natural labyrinth around already excising water fountains inside the cities.

The relation of the natural labyrinth to the water fountain is the same as the relation of the body shop to the supplier countries. The body shop or the labyrinth concentrates attention on the fountain and uses its water to sustain its life not letting the water to be wasted, at the same time the meaning of the fountain growth from being just for decoration to being a vessel of life. 
While people cannot visit all those interesting countries with which the body shop has relations, but the people can walk the labyrinth and be part of this relation system between the water fountain and the natural labyrinth.

This labyrinth will serve on one hand as a distracter from the busy and hard everyday life, which big cities live, and on the other hand it will provide its visitor with the ability to take care of it, by doing some garden work, accompanied by the different sounds of forests from all over the world.

“from byob to byoc” , program of the body shop to recycle and reuse all of the old water cans